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Understanding irrigation pipe sizes and measurements is essential when you are working with PVC pipes. Every PVC pipe is measured
For anyone wanting to increase the value of their home, or add some ambiance to their living space, most people
Do you have a garden or a lawn that you want to water more efficiently and sustainably? Maybe you are
  The soothing sound of running water takes your outdoor living spaces to a whole new level. Having a water
  Overwatered or waterlogged soil is one of the most common problems when growing plants in the garden. When water
    Irrigation solenoid valves are a critical component of any irrigation system. They are responsible for controlling how much
  In the irrigation industry, self cleaning and automatic backwash filters are two pieces of technology that have made large-scale
From potted herbs to huge vegetable patches, drip irrigation can be a great way of watering - but you’ll need
A common misconception about clay soil is that it is unsuitable for plants and bulbs. However, there are areas in
Australia’s average rainfall has made the switch to a rainwater tank a smart financial and environmental decision. A rainwater tank
Correct piping is an important part of any agricultural irrigation system, from large scale industrial setups to smaller rural farms.
Irrigation is a necessity for your crops to thrive and to give you the best yields and quality. The irrigation