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how to choose and use lawn sprinkler
With dozens of varieties and thousands of combinations, choosing a quality sprinkler that suits your lawn and garden needs can
Benefits of Installing Articulated Risers for Sprinklers
An articulated riser or swing arm is an absolute must when it comes to proper sprinkler installation. There are numerous
Seasonal Adjustments for Irrigation Systems
Just like the seasons have an affect on us mere mortals, so too, the change in climate affects the environment
Tap flow rate
Working out your flow rate from your tap is critical in designing a successful watering system. What is a “flow rate”?
how to prepare for bushfire emergencies
With the onset of the bushfire season much earlier than anticipated, now is the time to prepare for any future
backflow prevention
Backflow prevention is a requirement for all residential, commercial and industrial developments that are connected to Sydney Water. The term
pressure tester for accurate Flow and pressure measurements for irrigation
FLOW and PRESSURE – the most often confused terms in the irrigation industry! Whether you are a full-time irrigator, landscaper,
The Hardi idea started in 1957, when Hartvig Jensen established the company. As a gardener, he needed a quality sprayer.
Material Safety Data Sheets, commonly referred to as MSDS, are an important component of Occupational Safety and Health procedures. Also
Plumbers, Builders, Irrigators, even Auto Mechanics speak a similar language when referring to measurements and sizes – Imperial Language and
Automatic pressure controllers do exactly what their name suggests – they automate the control of a pressure pump to maintain
As the winter months are drawing to a close and the spring months are nearing, it has been noticed that