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Australia’s leading online irrigation parts supplier to professionals and gardeners

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Hills Irrigation specialises in liquid application products of all kinds, suitable for all your garden, landscaping and cleaning requirements. If you are looking for portable and easy to use backpack sprayers for your household and commercial use, we have a wide selection of spraying equipment from major brands, such as Hardi, Solo, Rapid Spray, and Jacto.

When you need a backpack sprayer in Australia, the versatile range at Hills Irrigation has you covered. From a simple piston sprayer for herbicide application or battery-powered and motorised sprayers offering high water pressure, you can find them here are Hills Irrigation—your number one irrigation supplier in Australia.

We understand that different lawns and landscapes have different sizes, and it is always better to choose a backpack sprayer that can cover your entire yard without refilling or recharging. That is why we always keep the stock we carry versatile. We carry different sizes of portable sprayer from 6L to 20L, as well as a full collection of backpack sprayer accessories for domestic and commercial use.

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Hills Irrigation stocks a range of options for:

  • Lawn sprayers for backyard use
  • Agricultural backpack sprayers
  • Commercial landscaping sprayers
  • Fertiliser sprayers
  • Weed sprayers

So, whether you are a homeowner, an agricultural business, or a professional landscaper, Hills Irrigation can provide you with all the spraying equipment you require. We make it easy to buy online and have your portable sprayer and accessories delivered to your door quickly and reliably.

If you are in need of a backpack sprayer, handheld sprayer, knapsack sprayer, piston backpack sprayers, or sprayer accessories, you can browse through our selection of quality brands. And to top it all off, we offer these fantastic products at extremely competitive prices.