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Quick Coupling Valves

Quick coupling valves are the convenient irrigation solution for sports fields, parks and even many domestic irrigation applications. These type of valves will seal piping and tubing to stop water from flowing safely and securely, but it also allows you to connect a sprinkler or a hose if you need to wash your car or water your plants.

Quick coupling valves have an internal valve that is closed off to stop water from leaking or pouring out when not in use. However, by using a specialised key, you can attach a sprinkler when it’s time to run your irrigation system or even tap into your water supply using a garden hose.

At Hills Irrigation, we supply everything you’ll need to install quick coupling valves in your garden, workplace or as part of your irrigation contracting work. As your one-stop irrigation supply store in Australia, we offer a full range of valve supplies, valve caps and quick coupling keys to ensure quick and easy use.

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One of the biggest advantages of having a quick coupling valve in your lawn is that it makes mowing the lawn much safer and easier. The wheels of your lawnmower can run on top of the valve caps without the risk of damage – a top alternative to having taps with standpipes around your garden or park.

We offer the best selection of quick coupling valves available to purchase online, manufactured by some of the top irrigation brands in Australia. With quality brands such as Vyrsa, Alprene, Rain Spray, and Rainbird quick coupling valves, you’ll even find valve boxes, risers and all other tools required to install your quick coupling valves.

Don’t miss our great range of Alprene plastic quick coupling valves and Alprene brass quick coupling valves – every kind of QCV you need is available to buy online at Hills Irrigation.