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Rainbird Controllers

Here at Hills Irrigation, we carry the best smart irrigation controllers with WiFi timers from brands like Rainbird—a well-known supplier for the best and most up-to-date irrigation control products in Australia.

With the latest innovative automation technology and WiFi connectivity integrated into these Rainbird controllers, you can simply set up and customise automated watering schedules for the entire year, ensuring a healthy, beautiful, and eye-catching landscape. Plus, scheduled watering times with a multi-station controller or sprinkler timer will also save you time and money in the process.

Rainbird smart irrigation product take sprinkler system control to the next level, allowing you to remote control your entire irrigation set-up, including backyard and garden systems with just a few irrigation zones as well as more extensive commercial irrigation systems.

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You can browse through different Rainbird irrigation controllers in our physical store or online, with our expert staff ready to answer all your questions via phone or email. We can help you choose the right Rainbird irrigation controller for your irrigation system, whether it be large or small. Rainbird offers various irrigation controllers for outdoors and indoor use, plus expansion modules, digital timers, and rain sensors.

Rainbird control boxes allow you to automate up from 4-station and 6-station irrigation systems right up to 12 stations. Despite having the latest smart technology, Rainbird Irrigation controllers are a cost-effective choice and we offer competitive prices on all Rainbird irrigation products here at at Hills Irrigation— the number one store for smart irrigation products in Australia.