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There’s nothing better than fresh filtered water for your home, workplace, commercial property or landscaping. Hills Irrigation offers an extensive selection of products that will cater to your water filtration needs, whatever your requirements may be.

Filtration is the general process of separating solid matter and fluid from a mixture, whether that’s drinking water filtration or removing contaminants from your irrigation system. It uses a filter medium with a complex structure that stops solid materials and matter from passing through.

As such a versatile process, filters can be used at all stages of your plumbing network or irrigation system. Hills Irrigation stocks filters for rainwater tanks, household drinking water filters, and industrial or commercial filters for more heavy-duty applications. We also offer UV from Australia’s top irrigation brands, such as Netafim, Tavlit, Puretec, and many more.

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Hills Irrigation offers different types of filters for the entire spectrum of applications, such as mesh disc filters, screen filters, whole house filters, rainwater treatment systems, and built-in filters for all other components of your irrigation system.

Whether you want to treat rainwater for household use, keep your sprinkler systems from clogging or ensure your mains water is purified on a daily basis, Hills Irrigation offers a selection of the best filtration products in Australia.

Because Hills Irrigation is one of the top irrigation suppliers in Australia, we’re always available to share some expert advice when it comes to choosing the right filter. If you have any questions while browsing our range of filters and accessories, give our friendly team a call.