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Fittings (Drip Irrigation Fittings, Poly Fittings, etc.)

Hills Irrigation offers high-quality pipe fittings in different sizes and materials, including fittings for low-density, medium-density or poly pipe. Hills Irrigation stocks a large a variety of irrigation fittings, junctions and coupling, including screwed fittings / threaded fittings for different pipe classes and applications. 

Choosing the right pipe fitting is essential when building or repairing an irrigation system in Australia. By stocking a vast range of fittings and connections, we help our customers choose the best pipe fittings for their requirements. Domestic DIYers, irrigation contractors, landscapers, plumbers and more can rely on Hills Irrigation as Australia’s premier key irrigation fitting supplier. 

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The most important thing to consider before you buy pipe fittings is to identify the right pipe sizing, connection style and thread type to ensure your irrigation fittings are compatible. We stock a full range of affordable fittings for various pipe classes and materials, including brass pipe fittings for hot water plumbing and corrosive applications, copper fittings for household plumbing pipe and PVC fittings perfect for sprinkler and irrigation systems. 

We also have rural poly pipe fittings, metric pipe fittings, LDPE fittings, copper household pipe fittings and threaded fittings in poly and brass perfect for plumbing supplies in Australia. With hundreds of pipe fittings to choose from, we can provide your pipe elbows, caps, valves, pipe tees, adaptors, unions and more. 

Hills Irrigation stocks leading brands in irrigation pipe fittings including Tefen tube and hose fittings and Buteline fittings, ideal for domestic plumbing fittings and home or commercial irrigation systems.