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Irrigation System Installation

Installation of irrigation systems is a specialty of Hills Irrigation – from smaller residential systems to large commercial irrigation projects.

We also do installation and service work for lawn and field turf, gardens, planter boxes, trees, vegetable gardens, vertical wall gardens, green walls and rooftop systems. rural industry, farms, ovals and golf courses, including fertigation, filtration and pumping systems.

Some of the various irrigation types we install include the following:

Pop up sprinkler irrigation

These sprinklers pop up from the turf and have an adjustable spray of water over the lawns from any angle. Mostly used in turf and some garden scenarios, this system efficiently applies water and facilitates ease of installation, fault diagnosis and ongoing maintenance. There is a wide range of nozzle and sprinkler types. Water-efficient nozzles have become very important as water is a very precious resource. These include water-efficient nozzles from Hunters MP Rotator and Rain Birds RVAN nozzles. These nozzles spray finger streams of water reducing water runoff, saving water.

Drip Irrigation

This can be installed on the ground in gardens under mulch and is the ideal product for irrigating your gardens by maintaining a constant moisture level. Its benefits include no over-spray or evaporation unlike riser type or pop up sprays. We will always advise re-mulching the garden after this type of installation.

Spray and Micro-spray Irrigation

This system for pot plants, new and existing garden areas, and mini nurseries as well as some vertical gardens. This system is very cost-effective in its installation and leaving the garden looking fresh, as the sprinklers spray water over the garden in a variety of radius and heights. Easy to see, any changes to the garden reduce the risk of breaking and can relocate to suit the needs of the garden.

Smart Irrigation controls

Part of saving water delivering the correct amount of water eliminates a lot of water waste and saves you money in the long term. Smart irrigation or Wi-Fi controllers automate the work needed to maintain a beautiful landscape giving you peace of mind. These controllers comply with water restrictions as well.

With adjustable Bluetooth timers or Wi-Fi smart controllers, we can ensure your area gets the precise amount of water from wherever you are around the world, with just a simple click of the phone.

Our other Services

As part of our installation work, Hills Irrigation also provides the following services on request:

Installation of Pumps and Tank systems

Trenching Services

Mini Loader Hire

Excavator and Auger Hire

Backflow Testing

Water Features

Garden Lighting

Under Road Boring (Earth Piercing) up to 55mm

Quoting work

We can also provide a quote on any works needed as well. You can call or email us to let us know what you need, from a small backyard lawn to a large commercial sized irrigation systems. Just send through the plans, flow rate, tap and power location and any other relevant information and we will get in contact with you.

Call us on (02) 9659 9659 or email us at today.

Valve box installation

Digging a trench

A Hills Irrigation professional installing a backflow in an irrigation system

Installing a backflow as part of installing an irrigation system

Irrigation pump and tank

Pump and tank install

DAB ESYBOX install

Aerator Installation Complete